I just wanted to tell you how much I admire the lampwork in this necklace! It is very beautiful and obviously you are very talented. I am a huge fan of the glass work of Dale Chihuly and this is reminiscent of his fantastic work.
It is truly a feast for the eyes!
- Dorian

My necklace came in today! It's the most gorgeous thing I've ever worn. I can't thank you enough for all your hard work. It's truly stunning and so my style!!! I'm taken back by how beautiful it is. Thank you thank you thank you!
- Isabel C.

I received my necklace yesterday - and just wanted to thank you so much. It's just beautiful - and I think it will be perfect for the event. I so appreciate you working with me and getting this to me so quickly - you are amazing! You haven't heard the last of me - I know I'll be back!
- Susan M.

I just received the pendant and earrings I custom ordered. They were heart shaped with blue, red, and yellow colors. They are exactly what I wanted - you nailed it! I love them. Thank you so much! Hope to see you at future shows.
- Lynn W.

Thank you so very much for the exquisite ConBrio Bead Quartet Necklace, bracelet, and earrings!!! I so appreciated the time and effort you took to work with me on preparing just the perfect unique jewelry ensemble. My sister- in- law Sharon will be truly amazed at her Christmas gift.
- Kimberly B.

"I am so impressed with your packaging. Beautiful! And so much fun unwrapping the tissues :). I looked at a profile of myself in mirror while wearing the necklace to see if the necklace was as mystifying on me as it was on the lady 3-4 seats down from me in the musical performance years ago, and it did :)."
- Linda U.

"I just received a box from you with your Specially designed Necklace & Earrings. The Necklace is Beautiful..just great. I love it. The Earrings are so Beautiful as well. I love them & the design. Thank you so much for sending these items so quickly. I will enjoy wearing them very much."
Marsha T.

"Thank you so much for my necklace! I was able to wear it on Easter weekend and, as happens whenever I wear it, I received myriads of compliments. I had bought a bracelet and a pair of earrings from you for my sister and she seldom takes them off! She loves them! Thank you again for sharing your talent with us!"
- Nancy M.

"This is beautiful!!! It's sooo hard to find jewelry for a girlfriend with a metal allergy so I know this is worth it. I had a tough time deciding on the color but I think this scheme will look best with her dark complexion and brown eyes. Thank you so much!"
- Daniel M.

"My step daughter liked my necklace so well that I am buying one for her birthday. I ALWAYS receive compliments when I wear either of the necklaces that you have made."
Michele O.

"Hi Susan! I'm back for my FORTH necklace from you! You know how much I love those flowers!!! I appreciate all the work that goes into your beautiful pieces! I get so many compliments when I wear them! Hope to see you at upcoming art shows!"
Monica L.

"Bought my first pieces at a festival! Love them and get so many great compliments when I wear your pieces, thank you!"
Linda A.

"Hi, Susan. I received my jewelry today and they are gorgeous. Can't wait to wear the black and white pieces. Thank you...every woman I met loved your jewelry...I made sure they knew who made them." 
- Shawn C.

"Hi Susan! I bought one of your beautiful Curl Lampwork Necklaces in the multicolors at the Art Festival! I had 5 people compliment me on it before an hour was up! I love it!!! ...I LOVE LOVE LOVE your jewelry and am sure there are more pieces in my future!" 

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